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May 23, 2015Posted by vanitain Men Clothing

Men are a human species that is known to care less about their appearances than the female counterpart. But in the modern age of metropolitan, men are more and more caring about the way they look, including the kind of clothes they put on themselves. That is why the market for male fashion industry especially in the luxurious mens clothing is getting bigger and more commercialized. If you want to dress sharp and luxurious but you have no clue which brand to trust, this is the best place for you. These are three of the most trustworthy luxury clothing brand for men.

The House of Prada

The first in our brand of luxuriousmens clothing is the longstanding house of Prada. As one of the oldest house of fashion, the house of Prada was built in the 1913 in the city of Milan Italy. Nowadays, it is recognized as one of the top fashion house in the male and female clothing line. Although, when it was first built Prada only focused on certain products such as designer hand bags and suitcases. Now, you can expect plenty of male fashion products such as suits, perfumes, watches, shoes, and plenty others.

Giorgio Armani

Talking about luxuriousmens clothing, it will not be completed without covering the brand of Giorgio Armani. This company was initially only a male clothing company where it was launched around the year of 1975. But the year after that, they also launched clothing line for female which is also considered to be high fashion. Even so, the male clothing line is a lot more recognizable in the fashion scene today. They are very well known in the Hollywood scene, with actors and celebrities wearing not only their suits, tuxedos, but also products such as perfumes and watches.


Burberry is another luxuriousmens clothing brand that has been around for quite sometimes. In fact, it was founded in early eighteen hundredth in the United Kingdom by its founder, Thomas Burberry. The England based company is a rather famous male clothing brand which has spans its franchise in over fifty countries in the whole world. They are more famous in outerwear clothing such as coats, suits, blazers, and the likes. Even so, they have been known to branch out to different kinds of products such as perfumes, watches, and plenty other stuffs which has been received well by the fashion community.


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