Sporty Rugby Shirt for Have Fun

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Sporty Rugby Shirt for Have FunRugby shirt which often referred to as a rugby jersey is one fashion item that was favored teenagers lately. Rugby shirt is almost similar to polo shirt, could have collar or tied opening. It also could be a short-sleeved or long-sleeved. Initially, rugby shirts only worn by rugby union or rugby league.

At that time, rugby shirts must have a logo on the chest and number on the back. In the belly area of the shirts, there’s label sponsorship. This custom continues today despite rugby shirts are no longer just meant for exercise. Innovation on fashion makes rugby shirt more attractive to wear while relaxing and hanging out with friends. This is one of the best clothes you can wear for fun on weekends.

From the first, rugby shirt is made from soft cotton material used. Cotton has long been a favorite material for making clothes that are economical, convenient, and biodegradable. Additional advantage of cotton is that it absorbs less water and mud. Rugby is a sport that is played primarily in the winter and/ or bad weather. So with wearing a rugby shirt from cotton, players will be easier to move and not get dirty. Even so, there is also a rugby shirt made of synthetic fabrics such as polyester. Actually, polyester is not so good for making rugby shirts because it’s less elastic and if given a figure, the figure will stick.

About design, over the years not much has changed from the original design rugby shirt. The revolution in rugby shirt only in the design of the neck to make it more comfortable to wear. And the most easily recognizable of the rugby shirt is striped flat interchange in color. These strips make you look classic but also trendy. According to the traditional design, rugby shirt has five or six horizontal stripes or “circle” in alternating colors. This design is also widely adopted by world football teams. The difference, football shirts use vertical stripes.

Now, many clothing manufacturers make rugby shirt as a fashion product. People from all over the world love it because it looks sporty and young. So if you want to look different this weekend, why not try wearing a rugby shirt with stripes on your favorite color? Make sure you choose a rugby shirt with size and materials that are nice and comfortable to wear. Complete it with caps and trendy sneakers.


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