Mens Floral Prints Craze in Korean Fasion Trends 2014

February 26, 2014Posted by vomagzin Fashion Ideas, Men Clothing

It could be fitting to listen to Girl’s Generation’s tune Flower Power while composing this trend report for Spring/summer 2014. Furthermore why not? The runways of Andrea Pompilio and Dries van Noten were overflowed by floral prints, something esteemed to be a hit next season. In any case what is staggering to note is that while fashion experts say that floral prints will be a pattern by the sunny season of 2014, Korea recently made it a fashion staple. What’s more we’re discussing florals in men.

Everything began in mid-2012 when Korean boyband Boyfriendreleased their debut mini-album Love Style. In the special photographs coursing in the internet, parts of the Kpop band were clad in floral-printed buttom downs and coats. In 2013, the floral fever even got to be more clear as a few Kpop symbols were spotted wearing floral-printed getups in magazines and limited time pictures. There is Shinee for their Dream Girl comeback.

In their limited time photographs, Key wore a floral suit from clothes brand Peu A Peu, Onew wore a couple of ladies’ floral decreased thin pants from UNIQLO. Taemin, whoever demonstrated that florals prints are for garments as well as for the adornments, with his Joyrich floral b-kid top. In any case it appears as though Taemin was fascinated with the blossom prints that he was seen wearing this flawless sweatshirt last March 31 while he was headed for Kpop Star Recording. He is a blossom kid, allegorically and actually.

However in the event that you believe that floral is not so masculine, hold up until Kpop eminence G-Dragon of Bigbang demonstrate to you proper methodologies to shake floral prints. G-Dragon is the acknowledged to be one of the real fashion symbols in Korea and is the main Kpop star to be supported by universal brand Louis Vuitton. So in the event that you need to put forth a strong expression this advancing 2014, go and attempt floral prints. Then again, here are a few tips that you may need to watch for you alone not head ludicrous.

1. Go Dark.

Assuming that you watched, the greater part of the outfits, if not in stifled pastels are in dull shades. So in the event that you need to go floral, strive for chinoiserie blossom prints over a robust dim foundation, such as war fleet, dull blue, charcoal, ash, and dark. You could likewise decide on monochromes like the Wooyoungmi collections worn by Bang Sung-joon whilst posturing on a latrine for the March 2013 issue of Cosmopolitan.

2. Mind the Pair.

An intensely printed outfit would unquestionably run well when matched with something plain. Strive for jeans with a striking color (Changmin) to take the fashionista bibe to an entire new level. Likewise recall that you will never happen with white.

2014 is a set to be a flower boy summer. Furthermore on account of Korea, men now have a thought on the best way to be smart, strong, and exceptional once the middle of the year sun hit our shores.


Mens Floral Prints Craze in Korean Fasion Trends 2014 Photos

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