How to Wear a Black Suit the Casual Way

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How to Wear a Black Suit the Casual Way – Do you find some outfits a little tricky to pull off? It usually takes time to find an outfit that we feel really comfortable with. Some find baggy jeans interesting. Some can not go out with their hoodies. Just wear anything that you like wearing. Today we would like to talk specifically about black suits. Some argue that suits are only for formal occasions. We deny the statement because we think that they are actually versatile. Of course, wearing a suit with pieces that are supposed to highlight a formal look will not help. If you wear a suit with a watch and shoes together, you will obviously look like someone’s dressing up before jutting off to work.

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Wear it the casual way. Wear pieces that can reinforce your casual look. It is the right way to tone down the formality of a suit. Black is a nice color for day and night. However, wearing it during the day can make you feel hot. Navy seems to be more bearable to the eye. This tone is much richer than black. It also looks good under natural light. For an evening party, a black suit will shine. Wear it with a black tie and you will look fabulous.

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Wear a Black Suit the Casual Way

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A suit and a tie always make a great combination. Under artificial light, wearing a black suit and a tie appears to be classy and elegant. It goes the other way around for a daytime event. Maybe it’s just us, but we are never fond of seeing a black suit in the sun. It looks sort of unbearable. However, there should be one tucked in your wardrobe. Size is another important thing than color. Wear a suit that fits snug, neither too big nor small. It should be like hugging the shoulders but not so strongly. It also should be long enough until the bottom. Do not choose a very short one because it makes the suit some size smaller.

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There are many possible customizations if you will. You can go for a one-button jacket. You can also add a wide peak lapel. Some men find lapels effective to highlight masculinity and maturity. They can also take “stylish” to the next level. There are many more customizations, like patch pockets, shawl lapels, etc. Next, select a quality material for the suit. Breathable fabrics are one of the best options as they help regulate heat. They will not make you like being baked in the oven. Cotton is a nice option. Wool is also nice, but a mix of the two is better.


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