Makeup Tips: Making Hooded Eyes Bigger and Rounder

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We want to teach you on how to create open up hooded eyes as makeup artists usually do. Not everyone is blessed with naturally big eyes. Thankfully, makeup can hide and enhance just about any imperfection on the face.

Some women are born with this type of eyes and they look more prominent as they age. If you have these eyes, you may find that it is a bit difficult to enhance those areas. Although it is somewhat challenging, it is something you can learn by doing.

With regular practice, you must be able to wear makeup properly. Learn from mistakes. People don’t happen to master this technique in a short time, but we believe you’ll get better at it over time.

Makeup for Hooded Eyes

Here are some cheats on how to make hooded eyes look bigger and stunning. First, figure out your eye color and select matching eyeshadow. Do not randomly pick eyeshadow colors because it will end up with a horrible look. Blue eyes are more suitable with gold, copper, and brown eyeshadow. You can either wear one solid color or mix some to create a new shade. Meanwhile, green eyes look better with earthy-colored eyeshadow. As for brown eyes, gold, silver, and navy are some fitting choices. Do not exchange these colors.

Dark colors work better on gray eyes. Here are some important tips you should remember. A highlighter will only make your eyes look puffier. There is nothing wrong with puffy eyes. They are good, actually, but not for hooded eyes. Rather than applying a highlighter, you’d better go for foundation. Dab it evenly all over the eyelids before you proceed to the next step. As for the lower lids, please do not stray too far from mid-tones. Do not choose overly dark or vibrant colors. Wearing lighter shades will only make things worse as they accentuate the real issue. Apply eyeshadow from the lash line all the way to the crease.

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Makeup for Hooded Eyes 3

Makeup for Hooded Eyes 2

After that, dab a small white dot in the arch of the eyebrows. This works well for bright skin tones. For dark skin, we suggest you go with a concealer with a rather light color. It will make your eyes wide open. Another tip you can not go without is curling the eyelashes. This must be done before mascara. Curl eyelashes also help to create the illusion of wider and rounder eyes. It works not only for hooded eyes, but also for other eye shapes. Next, wear eyeliner properly to define the eye. Draw the eyeliner to the top lashes. Last but not least, if you never skip shimmer, for once apply it sparingly. That’s how to deal with hooded eyes.

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