Too Much Hot in Lucy Mecklenburghs Burgundy Bodysuit Calendar

December 19, 2013Posted by cyntiain Hot Fashion

We should face it, an underwear shoot is basically a close bare one. So why not go the distance? We’re all companions here. Lucy Mecklenburgh’s had her pick of the men of Essex for the vast majority of the year in the wake of having liked sentiments with  previous Towie co-stars Mario Falcone, Tom Pearce and Dan Osborne in the previous 12 months alone. Furthermore Lucy Mecklenburgh’s most recent steamy shoot with a burgundy bodysuit will probably abandon her male acquaintances quite angry, with the 22-year-old actuality star uncovering for her approaching 2014 schedule.

Lucy Mecklenburghs Burgundy Bodysuit

Guaranteeing her unwavering legion of male fans have an exceptionally blissful new year to be sure, the design boutique manager left her raciest manifestation of the 2013 until keep going as she postured up a storm in a totally naked shoot.

Lucy Mecklenburgh

Lucy Mecklenburgh beyond any doubt knows how to stand out just enough to be noticed. Weigh her out in this shot for her new timetable. In today’s pic, the actuality star could be seen against the background of purple silk sheets to include a touch of penthouse mystery. With her arms deliberately set over her midsection, Lucy ensures her unobtrusiveness by simply offering sideboob rather than the entire kit n kaboodle.

Ann Summers Burgundy Bodysuit

Yesterday, we carried you an alternate sneak look of the 2014 Christmas stocking blessing with Lucy in canary yellow undergarments showcasing her petite figure. The ex-Towie star looks astonishing and who can accuse her for needing to show off that flawless figure? Hope to see this on the dividers of a couple of teen young men (and their Dads) soon.

Ann Summers Burgundy Bodysuit , back

The burgundy bodysuit is from the high street’s sauciest shop, Ann Summers and comes finish with the rope ties so perfectly exhibited by our Lucy. Also the great news is, whether you’d get a kick out of the chance to get this search for yourself (or your adored one) then navigate to Ann Summers now where its as of now in the deal. On the other hand what about one of the comparable figures we’ve discovered? Topshop’s look is a little more wearable everyday or head to New Look where their red and dark form is a more fancy undertaking. Keeping in mind you’re there why not get Lucy’s glittery high heels as well? They’re from Kelly Brook’s gathering for the store and are an extraordinary expansion to the form. Alternately obviously you could simply wear them with your black dress.

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