Sneak a Look at American Pie-Picnic Fashion Influence for Spring 2014

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Sneak a Look at American Pie-Picnic Fashion Influence for Spring 2014. 2014 will be a year for something new in fashion. Some designers reveal that they have something unique to present in 2014. What they tell really make us and you, actually, not to have enough patience to wait for what fashion themes that will be viral in the upcoming 2014.


American Pie-Picnic Fashion Theme

Spring is the best season to enjoy the meadow with a basketful of supplies. Imagine that you can spend a day full in the prairie barefooted. You can go around and around to catch a butterfly and string up a flower crown for your own. When you are tired of playing, you can wear your straw hat and enjoy the lemon juice under the warm sunlight in the middle of the day.

Well, that’s what fashion designers want to present in their spring collections for 2014. Picnic fashion is what they choose as the gorgeous theme to cheer the spring up. It is kind of easy to imagine how the picnic fashion style for summer will be. However, to get more detail, you can see how it looks like from the explanation below.

How American Pie-Picnic Fashion Theme Looks Like

American pie-picnic fashion theme emphasizes more on how American people express their gratefulness for spring. Mostly, the fashion theme focuses on the existence of fruity color, floral patterns, and playful motives. The fruity colors like cherry red, apple green, or lemon yellow will be very contagious.

Besides, the floral pattern combined with plain background really represents what happen in the prairie. Further, like what fashion item that mostly appear in picnic theme, plaid motives will get the domination in several spring collections for 2014.

If you dare enough to show the cheerfulness of picnic fashion theme, some designers have designed playful dresses, shirts, jumpsuits, and tees with delightful fruit prints on it. Cherry, apple, strawberry, and pineapple become the most dominating fruit prints for spring 2014. By the way, the designers also present something hilarious to wear.

For the upcoming spring, they intentionally design flowy shirts, full cut tank top, and fluttering mini skirt combined with sheer colored cardigan. Those fashion items really make you like a prairie girl who is wondering a remarkable spring to enjoy.

You cannot get enough with just wearing colorful and playful fashion items of the spring collections for 2014. You can add some accessories to make it more delightful than before. You can consider using schoolgirl backpack and schoolgirl shoes combined with cute socks to make your spring more idyllic.


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