New Fashion that You Should Know

September 28, 2012Posted by berthain Fashion Ideas, Hot Fashion

New fashion can be various. It depends on the taste of the designer. That is why it is better for you to determine which designer that will suit you best, and you can follow the trends that may be able to apply for you. As you may have known, fashion is something that keeps changing based on the season. You are meant to follow every single change in color, motif, pattern, and model if you want to look trendy. There are some new things that you should know in fashion 2012.

New Fashion: the Colors and Motifs

When it comes to the colors in the new fashion, you should know that the common colors that this time are the neon and vibrant ones. It is to make sure that you will always stand out in the crowd. The most favorite and used vibrant color in fashion 2012 is tangerine tango. It is the color of bright orange that will suit you best.

And for the motifs, make sure you choose the attractive motifs that are colorful, like geometrics, floral, over-sized floral, and abstract. Futuristic motif is also the thing you can find in the new fashion. This is the great news for you who get bored with the classic motif.

New Fashion: the Pattern and Model

For the pattern, color block is the common thing you can find. It means that you should wear multi color wearing that may contrast each other. One thing for sure, it is recommended for you to wear at least 3 colors at a time.

And for the model, commonly anorak is the new trend. You can combine this masculine wear to the feminine touch, so that you will get the androgynous style. Peplum silhouette is also the common thing in 2012. This is the trend that will make you stand out in the new fashion.


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