Inspiring Fashion Ideas: Animal Print Parade

December 5, 2012Posted by berthain Fashion Ideas, Hot Fashion

Inspiring Fashion Ideas:  Animal Print Parade. Wildness and the exotic feeling of animal pattern have become the main attraction that makes people in fashion world apply it in their style. With recent technology, it is a piece of cake to find attractive animal pattern in various clothes style. There are canine, reptiles and even avian patterns that ready to be worn and spread the wildness of your ideas.

If you are interested on wearing animal pattern, yet you have not get a clear picture on how to pull out the look, you better check out some ideas of animal pattern outfit that have been compiled for you. Enough for the chit-chat and let’s dive into these exotic and eccentric animal patterns.

Look fierce and wild with snake-patterned skinny jeans combined with black shirt and bleached jeans jacket. Since the whole combination is already attention-stealing, black boot shoes are enough to sum up you look.

When you are too tired or too lazy to put effort on your look, you still can save your style by wearing this unique dark brown snake pattern top with black skinny jeans. Put on your glasses and blacks stiletto (and your leather bag) and you are ready to go through your day without afraid of losing your best look.

Now, we move to avian category. This gleaming owl patterned shirt diverts your attention in the first glance, isn’t it? It is prettily combined with chiffon pleaded skirt and beige coat. Want to look more quirky? Wear knee-high sock and shock the crowds!

Who knows that bird-patterned shirt can be this refreshing and stylish? Wear it with dark red skinny and brown oxford shoes. Golden chain, black sun glasses and nude colored bag make great combination for you whole look. And yes, big ring or bangles are highly welcomed!

Everyone loves quirky style these days. And that’s what we find in this look. Unique style from combining green lace tops and flirty pleaded skirt with black bird-patterned sweater. Pearl necklace and golden-accented accessories make the whole look even more special. Indeed an interesting example of applying bird-patterned outfit.

Pulling out a look with animal-pattern doesn’t mean that you can only wear it as tops, skirts or pants. It can also be applied in shoes and accessories. The picture above shows the animal print in shoes with color up the whole appearance with cream mini dress.


Inspiring Fashion Ideas: Animal Print Parade Photos

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