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April 10, 2015Posted by vomagzin Hair Style

Women are always careful of what hairstyle they apply for their hair. It is because their hair is one of the best parts of women’s body that can attract men’s attention. Women often feel unconfident with wrong haircut they apply, for example when the barber cuts the hair too short or asymmetric.

But asymmetrical haircut becomes a hit nowadays. Fashion experts state that asymmetrical hair is a new trend for women who want to look different and elegant. This hairstyle makes women look fresher, since they usually apply the style onto their short hair.

Rihanna Hairstyle Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

The most well-known asymmetrical hairstyle women apply is Asymmetrical Bob. As we know that Bob hairstyle is pretty popular for women since it makes them look fresh and beautiful. Men often love this hairstyle as short hair makes women’s face prettier and it explores more on women’s look.

Asymmetrical haircut is suitable for women who have round-shape and square-shape faces. This makes your face looks thinner than it is actually. They usually have a bit longer bangs that cover up the forehead, so they will look more beautiful. You may color your hair in bright color like blond, brown, or red to make cuter appearance. But it is clearly acceptable if you want to keep your hair black. Celebrities who ever applied this asymmetrical haircut are Rihanna, Paris Hilton, Keira Knightley, Cameron Diaz, and etc.

asymmetrical haircut medium length hair for women

To make more elegant effect for your look, you can cut your hair a bit longer, but still in asymmetrical cut. Medium asymmetrical haircut is good for any kinds of activities, you are able to apply it in formal or casual situation. You can put more waves on your hair in order to make your appearance sweeter. Wavy hair makes you look more elegant, and you can add more colors on your hair to make it not too monotone. Teenagers who apply this style will look nice and innocent, while mature women will look fresh and younger than they actually are.

Asymmetrical haircut with headbands

To complete your appearance, you can put accessories on your asymmetrical haircut, for example you may put colorful headbands to look nicer and prettier. Mix and match the appearance with suitable outfits, so you look stylish and fashionable. For casual look, you can wear denim jeans, shirt, and cardigan. And for formal look, you can wear your beautiful dress, blouse, blazer, and other kinds of formal outfits. But make sure that everything you apply is comfortable for yourself, because if you don’t feel comfortable, it is possible that people will notice your lacks.


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