Braiding Hairstyles for Black Girls

April 20, 2015Posted by vomagzin Hair Style

Nowadays, braided hairstyle become popular among girls, as it makes them look pretty, stylish, and trendy. Black girls love to apply this haircut since their black hair is suitable with this style. Braided hairstyle is not only applied in casual activities, but we can also use it in formal situation, such as to go to a party with colleagues.

Braided hairstyle for black girls have so many techniques, they are able to enjoy it with highlights, curls, or patterns. Black girls usually have thick and curly hair which is beautiful, they can apply braided hairstyle easily on their head. You may need some techniques to apply braided hairstyle as follows.

One-Side Braids for Black Girls

One-Side Braids Hairstyle for Black Girls

If you have a beautiful long hair and want to show it but you still want to apply braided style, you may try this. One-side braided hairstyle only focuses on one side of your head. So, you can still show up your long hair on the other side. This style is suitable for black girls with black hair.

Mohawk Style Briding for Black Girls

Mohawk Style Briding for Black Girls

Mohawk braided hairstyle is applied by black girls for their hair. As we may have seen that girls also like Mohawk style for their hair, this braided hairstyle also suitable for girls who are confident enough with the style. Girls with great confidence are able to apply any kinds of hairstyles, but this Mohawk braided style is quite gorgeous for them.

Full Braids for Black Girls

Full Braids Hairstyle ideas for Black Girls

This can be the simplest braiding hairstyles for black girls, as we just have to braid all of our hair in tiny braids. The hairstyle will look like a common hair if you don’t add some accessories, for example you may tie your hair in pigtail to make different look. This makes you look cuter and prettier.

Front Hair Braiding Style for Black Style

Front Hair Braiding Style Hairstyle ideas for black girls

You need to braid your front hair to get this hairstyle. Stop right on the middle of the head and tie the braiding up to keep the beautiful form. Let your beautiful black hair loose after that. You will look pretty to go to formal activities with this style.

Braided hairstyles suitable to apply by black girls are the tiny braids. Tiny braids look gorgeous and make your appearance perfect. Some black celebrities also like to apply this braided style on their hair, such as Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, and more. They claim that this is a simple but elegant style for them. They feel comfortable and stylish with the tiny braided hairstyles on their head.


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