Maroon and Floral Trend for 2013 Fashionable Look

February 12, 2013Posted by berthain Fashion Ideas, Girl Dress

Maroon and Floral Trend for 2013 Fashionable Look. Maroon and floral trend has become one of the hottest topics in fashion. It is very important for a fashion lover to always update the latest trend for fashion day by day. This is caused by the fact that fashion is always changing time to time, even it rounds in circle that makes it even get back to the old time.

That is why you should be more aware of what you are going to wear today in order to always being looked fashionable. Hence, for you who want to be stunning today, it is a must for you to try your new look in the theme of maroon or simply floral patterned because those are predicted to be the next trending theme and pattern for the year of 2013.

Fashion begins from experiments

To always be able to in following the trend of fashion, you should be brave to try something new, just like all people in the city of fashion, Paris. All they do for fashion is doing experiment. They just try to mix and match this shirt and that skirt but the result is that those all are cool indeed. Just like what happen to the case of maroon and floral trend.

It is just one of the kinds of so many experiment that are done by people in that city. But when it is captured t[o be cool and stunning, then it is not impossible for that combination to be the next fashion trend for this year. Even though the main color trend for this year is dark, which is called as “new black”, but maroon is still capable in representing that darkness in its own way. You can simply play this color to your fashion stuffs such as suits, coat, and outerwear. Do not only concern this color to your dresses because every single stuff is worth to try.

It’s a must

For the floral pattern, you should not be worried about wearing it out of the seasons of spring and summer since it goes cool and chic in winter and fall as well. However, for winter and fall, this floral pattern should be bolder and darker grounding to get more of the feeling of the season. The most important thing which should be noticed is that this combination is not only for women’s outfit but also for men’s. that is why you should have the fashion stuffs with the theme of maroon and floral trend to be more fashionable for this year.


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