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There are a lot of clothing stores in this world. All has their own unique and signature, there are some that focusing on knitwear, some that are focused on leather or denim, some focusing on female fashions only and much more.

But there are only a few that are focused on plus size clothing. This is quite weird because it is actually needed, a lot of people are looking for a great but fashionable plus size clothing. And Fashion Bug Stores can actually provide the needs. Fashion Bug Stores have been known as one of the best plus size clothing provider with great design. Fashion Bug it self have several other stores and today we will talk about several of them.

Lane Bryant Fashion Bug Store

Being a part of Fashion Bug Stores, Lane Bryant of course focusing on providing the best plus size clothing for their customers. Not only they have several physical stores, but they also provide online store as well, so you can actually purchase them whenever and where ever you want, because they can ship them to several places as well.

Lane Bryant Fashion Bug Stores

Their collections for top size clothing is not only consist of several tops, or bottoms. But they also provide several sportswear collections such as active wear and even swimwear all for plus size woman.

This is great considering finding a fashionable but simple, plus size swimwear is actually quite rare. Their innovations didn’t only stop there, they also help plus size woman to look sexy by proving some plus size lingerie which is, again, quite rare to looking for.

Catherine Fashion Bug Store

Among all of Fashion Bug Stores, Catherine is probably one of the most popular ones. This is because their online website for shopping is quite easy to access, they even have the mobile view for the websites which is of course extremely helpful if you want to shop via your smartphone. The Catherine plus size collections is actually not quite different from Lane Bryant. They provide bottoms which consists of jeans for plus size woman, or trousers and even skirts all for plus size woman.

Catherine Fashion Bug Stores

They are also proving several tops for many occasions such as for works or for more casual events. The best part of this Fashion Bug Stores is that they also prove several choices for evening wear for plus size woman. Again, we must consider this quite rare, especially because their collections of evening gown are quite varied.


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