What You Get from Fashion Week

July 6, 2014Posted by berthain Fashion Issue

If you are into fashion so much, then you should consider the fashion week as your inspirations. This kind of thing is actually a kind of great idea for you. Without any doubt, when it comes to fashion, you will surely want to appear the best.

However, not all of you know how to dress up properly. To find the ideas and the combination for your outfit is definitely something which is not that easy to do. Thus, you should be grateful to have some event such as the fashion week so you can find so many ideas there.

There are many things that you can get from the important week. With that, you can start to find what is in on the ideas of the famous designers and you can apply them in your daily life.

First, it is the color. As you may have known, 2012 is the color for neon and vibrant ones. It means that you have to remove those wears in soft and khaki colors.

Make sure that you will stand out in the crowd with the neon colors you wear. Next, when it comes to the style, you can consider using the denim jacket as the outer layer of your outfits. This is actually the perfect style that you can apply for the fall season since denim jacket will keep you warm. Or, you can get faux fur jacket that will make you look impressive with the neon and electric color.

Next, denim is back. As stated before, denim jacket will be the perfect combination as the outer layer for you. You can use the two-tone denim for the perfect choice. The next thing you can get from fashion week is, make sure that your style will leave the long lasting impression. It means that you have to be as creative as possible to make you stand out in the crowd.

You can add the leather wings in your vest, for example. Or, it will be a great idea if you wear the outfit with writing ‘I Love NY’ in Paris. Next, lip color is also the thing that you should notice. If you have the red hair and blue eyes, then electric pink color will be the perfect choice for you. Deep plum color for the lipstick can also be the great choice. Next, fur is something that you should have fun with. You can wear the faux fur outfit to get the trendy look.


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