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October 26, 2012Posted by berthain Fashion Issue

Fashion 2012 has shown the gradual change from last year. As you may have known, fashion is the thing that keeps changing. That is why you should make sure that you follow every single trend if you claim yourself as fashionista.

There are several things that are actually the signature of latest fashion. Generally, it is the color. You can find that many designers seem to love using neon and vibrant colors. With that kind of wear, you can be sure that you will stand out in the crowd. Feather as the accessory and decoration is also the common thing you can find in latest fashion.

Fashion 2012: the First Things

Speaking of colors, when it comes to the pattern, most designers seem to use the color block as the pattern. It means the combination of multi color is the thing that you can find in fashion 2012.

For the tips, you can only wear at least 3 colors in one time wear. Next, it is anorak. You can find that though this can be considered as the masculine thing, you can also combine it with the other feminine wearing. Next, it is the motif. The vibrant motif is the latest thing. Commonly, the choices are floral, abstract, over sized floral, and geometrics.

Fashion 2012: the Next Things

Back to the color, it is said that the latest color will be the vibrant ones. However, you should also know that the favorite choice of vibrant color is tangerine tango. For the model, the common one for the daily use is blazer suit that is combined with pink shorts. Futuristic motifs are also the things you can find in the latest fashion. It is actually perfect for you who are sick of the classic motif, like square shaped, polka dots, and such. Those are the basic things about fashion 2012.


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