The Common Mistakes in Morning Makeup

January 15, 2013Posted by berthain Fashion Issue

The Common Mistakes in Morning Makeup. Sometimes when we wake up late in the morning, we are in hurry to finish the makeup especially if we need to attend important meeting that day. We cannot go out without any makeup because our face will look pale and not attractive. In this article, we will discuss the top 3 morning makeup mistakes that commonly happen when we do the make up in hurry. Check it out!

The first mistake that commonly happen to women when they do the makeup in hurry is putting the makeup in wrong light. Because you are in rush, sometimes you will ignore the light and anything around you when you put the makeup. You are not aware if the light is too dim or too bright.

Meanwhile, putting the makeup in the right lighting is really important so you will not look overwhelmed or too pale after you going out. Make sure that you put the makeup in place that near with the light, so you can see your face clearly. The second mistake that commonly happen is applying a lot of foundation.

Many women still think that applying too much foundation will help them get brighter skin and they can cover all of the flaws in their face.This is the wrong thought. It is much better if you just put the foundation naturally, so you will not look overwhelmed. You can still use the foundation to cover your flawed skin, but do it with the correct way. Rather than covering your whole face with foundation, you can apply the foundation for shading. You can apply it on certain spots to cover the flaws in your skin. If you still do not understand on how to do it, you can find some tips or beauty instructions on the beauty magazines or on the internet.

The last mistake that women usually do in the morning makeup is taking many hours on eye makeup. They take too much time to do the eye makeup and sometimes they came late to their office because of this reason. But actually some makeup experts said that women do not need to take too much time to get runway looks on their eye makeup. They can do effortless and basic eye makeup to make them looks beautiful and attractive. You can use the liner to make instant gorgeous looks on your eye and you can also use mascara to make your eyelashes become stunning.

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