Some Moral Issues in Fashion to be Noticed

October 26, 2012Posted by berthain Fashion Issue

Moral issues in fashion will also not be able to be separated from the rem of fashion. Fashion is a matter of look an appearance and is deals with anything which support one’s look and appearance. It can be said so for fashion not only talks about clothes and outfit but it also deals with a proportional shape of a body, a perfect type of makeup, and also a best choices of accessories.

For fashion is one of the most important things in human life, especially for women, and then no wonder if there are so many people who are daring to do anything for the sake of being fashionable.

Human mistreating in fashion

However, there are some moral issues in fashion which we should notice in order to be able to minimize the risk of being trapped in the wrong way of fashion. For example, we can learn from fashion models.

As models, they are demanded to be as perfect as possible for they are going to be a spot for everyone to see the fashion product in its application. But the standard of being model is very hard for they have to own the weight which is much less from normal. They could be very thin for they are not allowed to have their meals in normal portion. Then, some say that it is can be included as a kind of human mistreating.

Fashion affects animal’s existence

Besides, in fashion, materials of outfit which are made of animal’s body part are very popular and those could be valued very highly. This fact then leads to the massive animal slaughter. This phenomenon is also very disappointing when there is no effort in keeping the animal’s population.

Those are some examples of moral issues in fashion which we should face in the wiser way so that we can minimize the worse risk in fashion. We should also think about our environment even though we are demanded to be as fashionable as possible.

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