Samsung Cheil Industries Open Its First Overseas 8 Seconds Fashion Store in China Next Year

January 20, 2014Posted by vomagzin Fashion Issue

Korea’s immense fashion retailer ‘Samsung Cheil Industries’, joins the worldwide quick fashion race with its first abroad 8 Seconds fashion store in China planned to open one year from now. From the starting brand arranging stage, Korea’s goliath fashion organization had Chinese purchasers as a top priority. “Starting with the name, we picked the number 8, the favorite number of the Chinese. The color of the logo, red, is the color of fortune in China”, said Kwon Eun-ju, associate supervisor of the correspondence group at Samsung Cheil Industries Inc.

In reckoning of the launch in the Chinese advertise one year from now, the organization has begun to raise brand consciousness around outside clients in Korea. Since last May, the 8 Seconds fashion stores have been playing sound declarations in Chinese, Japanese and English at significant stores in Seoul.

The brand intends to make progress in the worldwide fashion rivalry by keeping tabs on particular needs that the better-known worldwide brands miss. The corner the organization is focusing on lies between Japanese cool wear brand Uniqlo and pattern cognizant Zara and H&m, as MIXXO does.

We found that more than 60 per cent of customers at Uniqlo are men who like basic casual items and more than 70 per cent of customers at Zara and H&M are women who prefer stylish and trendy designs. The brand has set different approaches specific to different age and gender groups”, said a brand analysis report ready by the company before its start in Korea a year ago. The 8 Seconds fashion brand has positioned itself as a popular cool wear brand offering items going from fundamental easy things to trendy things for pattern cognizant buyers.

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Samsung Cheil Industries Open Its First Overseas 8 Seconds Fashion Store in China Next Year Photos

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