Popular Transgender Models with Their Success Story

December 2, 2014Posted by zackyin Fashion Issue

Transgender models have become a part of pop culture. It was viewed as a phenomenon, while now people are becoming welcome to this group. Many transgender people succeed in shaking off the stereotypes and getting approval from people.

They have always wanted equal rights and we think that they deserve it. Speaking of transgender models, you probably have no idea how they have managed to break through the decades of stereotypes and push the boundaries.

Transgender model: Carmen Carrera

If you want to know more about transgender models who have successfully stepped into the fashion world, we will find out. Carmen Carrera, you probably are still unfamiliar with this name, but she is one of the most popular men in drag. She is known as a big TV personality.

You may be more familiar with her show, Rupaul’s Drag Race. Yes, when you put that makeup and lashes off, you will see who behinds that thick makeup. She always looks glamorous in every occasion, especially when she’s in full makeup.

Transgender model: Ines Rau

It was in 2012 when her life started to become miserable. At that time, she publicly told people that she wanted to transition to a female. Thankfully, it finally ended up with happiness as her show continued to success. She is also known in the fashion world. Actually, there are a lot of people from this group who have gained success, not only in the United States, but also other parts of the world. One of them is Ines Rau from France. She started her career as a French model. Her gorgeous features are so captivating to the eye. It’s probably why she managed to find her success in this industry.

Transgender model - Ines RauPhoto of Ines Rau

She was discovered at the age of 16, still was very young. She has had some photoshoot moments with some famous magazines. Another name that we would like to introduce is Amiyah Scott. This one is also a U.S. based model. She made the decision to fully transition into a female at a young age, which was 17. There are some plastic surgery procedures she has undergone, like booty shots and breast augmentation.

Transgender model: Jenna Talackova

Photo of Jenna TalackovaTransgender Model - Jenna Talackova.

Those were actually common procedures for someone who wants to transition to a female. Jenna Talackova is another TV personality who has risen to fame recently. She used to be a contestant of the Miss Universe Canada, but later disqualified after they found out that she was a transgender. She then filed a lawsuit against the organizers of the contest. This was a very interesting story, anyway.


Popular Transgender Models with Their Success Story Photos

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