Minimizing the Risk of Animal Suffering for Fashion As Soon As Possible

September 22, 2012Posted by berthain Fashion Issue

Animal suffering for fashion has become one of the hottest issues today. It is undeniable that one of the most favorite materials for making clothes is those which are made of animal’s body part.

Those materials are such as fur, leather, feather and so many others. Those kinds of material, of course, are taken from the animals. For example, we should kill snakes and crocodile for only to get the leather of those animal and all of those we done in the name of fashion. We can also see the fact from the other animals such as bird, sheep and so many other types of animal.

Fashion intrudes animal’s life

Considering such kind of action, there are some people in this world which oppose for it. They think that this action is intruding the rights of those animals to live. Besides, they think that it is going to make something without any result when we kill a certain animal and just take a certain part of it. it can be said as animal slaughter which later can lead to the condition of animal dearth. Animal dearth is a condition which we really do not expect for any kind of reason, of course. By then, we have to be able to minimize the risk of animal suffering for fashion as best as we can do.

Be wise in using animal’s body part for fashion

One of the ways which we can take to minimize such kind of risk is by taking the part of the animal’s body to be the main material in making clothes while we also use the other part for some other thing such as to be consumed. Besides, we need also to keep on doing the action of breeding them so that there will be no risk of animal dearth later. By then, we can minimize the risk of animal suffering for fashion.

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