How to Face the Issue for Transgender Model

September 24, 2012Posted by berthain Fashion Issue

Issue for transgender model is booming today. Transgender is a situation when someone from a certain sex is doing for some efforts so that he or she become look like the opposite sex type.

For example, there is a man who really want to be a women so that he does so many things in order to be looked as a women as near as possible.

The efforts which he does could be in the form of having plastic surgery for some of his vital part of his body such as his chest which then turns into breast and also his vital organ. This phenomenon is quite common today and there are more and more people who become more in doing this kind of action.

Transgender is a choice

Even though there are pros and cons for this phenomenon, and most people still do not agree about the idea of transgender, but the main idea of the freedom of human right makes them keep on doing this. Moreover, we can also find the issue for transgender model today.

It seems that this phenomenon is being legalized. However, this issue does not happen in every country in this world. Recently, in Brazil, it is found that the models that perform the outfits for the event of Fashion Week are those who have done their transgender.

Tolerance is needed to face transgender issue

Those models are even much better in look than those who are real women model. May be this is what makes the committee gives them the chance to show up for they also have their talent in modeling. It is actually the right of every people in this world to choose what they want and all we can do is just giving them respect to keep the feeling of tolerance among us.

The issue for transgender model is going to be just fine for us and for those who do the action of transgender as long as we appreciate them as a normal human being.

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How to Face the Issue for Transgender Model Photos

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  • Lea

    For a lot of transgendered women, I being one of them, it is not a “choice.” It’s the word “choice” that makes it so hard for most transgendered women to function in today’s society because society looks at it like it is something that can be avoided if one would only chose to not act on it. The word choice prevents us from having the proper attention to medical treatment, SRS, and social justice. You are born with a gender identity that can be consistent with your physical body, or it could collide. Most people would dispute this fact, but seeing that the majority of people born are CIS gendered, rather transgendered, the discussion of gender identity falls more onto physical gender rather psychological. Does this mean we are psychologically damaged? No. We are just as human and just as stable as any other human being. We simply have a different gender association. It’s not something we just “decide” to do.