Finding the Right Size to Increase Fashion E-Commerce

July 14, 2014Posted by berthain Fashion Issue

Finding the Right Size to Increase Fashion E-Commerce.

Online sales are growing faster lately. Buyers tend to choose online shop when they want to buy something. Online shop is more efficient for them especially people who do not have time to go shopping. To satisfy their customers, online shop offers some facilities such as return policy or free shipping service.

Those facilities make the online shop sale rate grows even faster. Even though most people tend to choose online shop when they want to buy something, but they rarely choose online shop for buying clothes.

They do not want to buy clothes at online shop because they are afraid that the size of the clothes will not fit with them. It has been a major barrier to faster fashion e-commerce development. Even with return policy, they still do not want to take chance because they do not want to ship them back even though they want to return the clothes.

Fashion e-commerce is growing faster than brick-and-mortar stores at Guess. People who visit shop usually just want to see about their new collection. They use the guess website as a catalogue. After they visit the website, they prefer to go to the actual store than buying online.

To increase their online conversion rates, some online retailers offer free delivering on returns. So if the clothes do not fit with the buyers, they can ship it back for free. Some customers treat free shipping service as part of their changing room experience. In an actual clothes shop, people always want to try the clothes first to see if they are fit in. So with the free shipping service, they make it as changing room experience, but they do not change in the actual store, the changing room is in their bedroom. This service apparently only increases around 2 percent of conversion rates because there are other expenses associated with such policies.

To solve the fit problem in the fashion e-commerce, some little companies such as incorporating Virtusize, Fits me, True Fit and Clothes Horse make software to help them with the fit problem. They come up with some technology-based explanations. The engines will morph mannequins to size recommendation that expect to match shoppers with well-fitting garments. This engine will allow shoppers to match the clothes they want to buy with their size. It is more efficient than other technique. The engines will increase conversion rates and also decrease returns of the clothes.


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