The Seventies Style of Disco Fashion from the American Movies

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Sequins, lamé, Bradley Cooper’s perm—provided that you’ve viewed the American Hustle trailer, the insignificant sight of Oscar-designated performing artists Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence, Christian Bale, Cooper, and Jeremy Renner in alluring seventies style is sufficient to have you racing to a theater come Friday.

An immediate response to the counter-social flower child form of the past decade, the seventies, particularly the extraordinary disco period, was about louche abundance and unapologetic fun. Style was sexed-up, forms took a turn to the exaggerated—as did heels and hemlines—and there was unquestionably a nouveau riche whiff buzzing around with all that gold and hide being paraded around.

Motivated by Lawrence’s sparkling strap dresses, Adams’ plunging necklines, and even Bale’s flared tuxedos in David O. Russell’s most recent motion picture, we investigated different movies that showcased the enchantment of disco mold in every last bit of its put it all on the line grandness.

American hustle

1. 54
While the film was not exactly as compelling as the fabulous New York club, Salma Hayek’s extreme groups as Anita, the layer check young lady, were likely life-changing.

American hustle disco fashion
Clockwise from upper left:

  • Charlotte Olympia Record Perspex grip, $1,295,
  • Tim Ryan multi-chevron border dress, $1,360,
  • Jennifer Behr head wrap, $395,
  • Ferragamo’s Creations stage shoe, $2,500,

2. Boogie Nights
Paul Thomas Anderson’s film investigated the ascent and succumb to the brilliant time of mature person movies, yet Rollergirl’s girly skates and heart-molded sunglasses just about made the entire preface appear less seedy than it truly was.

Boogie Nights
Clockwise from upper left:

  • Wildfox Lolita Deluxe sunglasses, $199,
  • Edie Parker Jean Flamingo pearl-impact box grip, $1,295,
  • Agent Provocateur Zonia sequined triangle bikini top, $220,
  • Agent Provocateur Zonia sequined bikini briefs, $190,
  • Polariod Spirit 600 Polaroid, $299,

3. The Last Days Of Disco
Chronicling the finish of a period, Chloë Sevigny and Kate Beckinsale played two chic distributed house associates in their early twenties whose daily objective was to assemble outfits offering sequined tube best trusts expectations of moving beyond that outlandish entryway at a Studio 54–like club.

Disco fashion
Clockwise from left:

  • Saint Laurent Letters metallic cowhide grasp, $990,
  • Marc Jacobs Splash sleeveless sequin peplum top, $1,500,
  • Rochas pullover level front trimmed jeans, $745,
  • Jimmy Choo Rocks lower leg wrap open-toe shoe, $795,

4. Saturday Night Fever
The exemplification of disco and the film that made John Travolta really popular, each staple of the time is here and on full vast lapels, stage shoes, and polyester aplenty.

Disco fashion on saturday night fever
From left:

  • DKNY fishnet tights, $15,
  • Bumble and Bumble. Shower de Mode, $15,
  • Heidi Klein Abaco Beach stretch-pullover maxi dress, $315,
  • Kotur Lantern tassled gold-plated shoulder pack, $1,200,

5. Xanadu
A dream musical featuring Olivia Newton-John, the seventies style close by was as foamy and frilly as the disco-tinged tunes of the sound track.

Disco fashion Xanadu
From left:

  • Balenciaga chain track level shoes, $1,345,
  • Josie Maran Natural Volume Lip Gloss, $20,
  • Littledoe blue climbed botanical radiance, $375,
  • Rodarte sunflower-embroidered silk dress, price upon request,


The Seventies Style of Disco Fashion from the American Movies Photos

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