The Bymou 2014 Spring/Summer Collections Concept

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After it was founded in 2006, Geumwon Apparel demonstrated different stylish collections in boutiques all over Europe and Japan. In 2010, it started “by MOU (mode of u(you))”, a cool lady’s style brand. The concept behind the Bymou 2014 Spring/summer collections is rocker chic, hip and one of a kind and targets ladies in their 20’s and 30’s who love and delight in style. Presently there is stand out by MOU line, however the brand is creating three lines: w by MOU (lady), m by MOU (man), and k by MOU (kids).

Bymou is mainstream in Korea and abroad. In 2006, the brand worked together with England’s Orion. They likewise have climbing deals at the Korean boutique, Aland, and have begun offering at shopping centers in Causeway Bay and Harbor City in Hong Kong. In December, 2013, the brand entered Just Buy Department Store in Kumming, Yunnan in China.

The brand starts the most smoking things of each one season at a sensible cost. Additionally, in light of the fact that you can cross match different things, the culmination of the items is self-evident. The Bymou 2014 Spring/summer collections characteristics current and chic lines and different point colors associated with light black, for example, mint green, redden pink, and burgundy, with the essential dark.

1. Stud Pants

With the stud focuses, the bend of the tulip line at the lowest part of the leg gives a protracting impact.

2. Lap Zipper Skirt

The brave shade and novel configuration underlines gentility.

3. Glam Skirt

The lavish gold and dark print skirt is not unreasonable and communicates a vivacious excitement.

This is an exceptional legging outline produced out of silicone.

5. Vivid Star Leggings

Youngsters and junior ladies are the focus for these cool stockings with silicone star designs.


The Bymou 2014 Spring/Summer Collections Concept Photos

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