Take a Look at Akris’s Collections for Spring 2014

October 1, 2013Posted by berthain Fashion Ideas

Take a Look at Akris’s Collections for Spring 2014. September 29, 2013 was the day when some international fashion designers showed their collections for spring 2014 in Paris Fashion Week. One of the designers which get much attention is Akris. Akris or Albert Kriemler plays unique dimensions and colors in his design.


Earthy Colors

In his spring collections for 2013 Akris mostly uses earthy colors for his fashion signatures. Copper, white, black, brown, mocca, and light yellow are picked to embellish his spring collections. Akris is about to show different accent of spring outfits which mostly get dominated with bright colors, like pink, blue, and green. Akris wants to make his spring collections close to nature by presenting his earthy colored outfits.

Contour and Diagonal Patterns

Not only spending his talent on colors, Akris’s collection also plays some signature accents and equations in his collections for spring in 2014. He prefers to use contour and diagonal patterns as his new signatures. Contour lines embedded on earthy colored outfits really build new dimension which seems like 3D. Besides, for another variety Akris uses diagonal lines in different colors to develop strong accent of his fashion collections. On the other hand, some of his collections also depict abstract patterns which also involve some contour and diagonal lines.

Sheer Outfits in Short Cut

Spring is very closely related to warm and cheerful season. Aiming to represent the warmness and cheerfulness of spring, Akris picks sheer outfits which are very delightful for spring. Short cut skirt combined with long sleeve blouse and sleeveless tops are the new signature from Akris for spring 2014. Furthermore, Akris’ Alber Kriemler also emphasizes the appearance of shirtdress and breezy skirt in his spring collections.

Akris really understands that spring symbolizes new life which has begun. Thus, Akris wants to represent and depict the spring spirits by his new fashion collections. Contour lines and diagonal lines combined with abstract patterns and earthy and natural colors match very well to the spring season. Taking a look at Akris collections for spring 2014 in Paris fashion week can be your new and fresh fashion reference for spring 2014.


Take a Look at Akris’s Collections for Spring 2014 Photos

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