Sweet Sweater to Wear During Winter

November 26, 2013Posted by berthain Fashion Ideas

Sweet Sweater to Wear During Winter. Winter is about to come, how far your preparation to welcome it? Well, even though it is winter where people mostly use coat to cover their body all day long, you still need to be fashionable. There are various kinds of fashion you can wear during winter without making you look odd and clumsy. Sweater is a typical warm outfit you can wear during winter to make you look more adorable but still get protected from chilling weather.  

Knitted Turtle Neck Sweater

Turtle neck sweater is an obligation. Every girl must have one in her closet. Turtle neck sweater in bright colors, such as yellow, shocking pink or light mint will make your day. You will look so stunning and impressive if you match your bright colored turtle neck sweater made of knitting with black legging or washed jeans. It will become so sweet if you wear a monochromatic coat altogether with your bright colored turtle neck sweater.

3D Printed Sweater

Wearing cotton sweater with some cute prints on it is very adorable. You will look chic during your day out in snowy winter. There are many prints you can use. However, we suggest you picking 3D cute animal printed sweater for advanced appearance. Cat, dog, or panda can be a great choice of print. You can make it much cuter if you wear chic knee length skirt combined with high boots.

Vintage Embroidered Sweater

Going vintage during winter is highly demanded currently. Vintage sweater can be a sweet solution to create outstanding vintage look in this winter. You can make use your old sweater or your grandma’s sweater to create vintage winter look. Besides, you can also visit some thrift shop to purchase some vintage sweaters. As a matter of fact, embroidered sweater is more suggested for you.

Sweater can be a good fashion choice to make you fashionable but keep you warm and comfortable. If you think your sweater is not really interesting, you can upgrade it by wearing some accessories or matching it with cheerful outfits. You can also refer to the style and cutting to make it more acceptable to be worn at the office.


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