Street Fashion Choice This Week: Let’s Go Grunge!

July 14, 2013Posted by berthain Fashion Ideas

Street Fashion Choice This Week: Let’s Go Grunge! Summer is almost over, so it is time to change a bit our fashion style. Let’s leave summer bikinis or summer voluptuous fashion styles for a while and replace them with something new. Well, rebellious fashion style must be great to pick for weekend fashion style. What do us waiting for? Let’s check what we have in our closet to go rebellious!

How to Look Grunge on the Street

Grunge is an old street fashion style which is influenced by grunge music and bands. This fashion style was very viral for such decade in 1990s. Now, some designers and street fashion bloggers are about to awake this rebellious style to bring back the soul of grunge to the street. If you are interested to go grunge, there are some fashion items you should have. If you don’t you can take the advantage of any fashion item you get from your closet. Well, when you want to go grunge, you need to highlight the following fashion items.

1. Hoodie

Hoodie is a basic part of grunge street style. You can wear either hooded shirt or hooded jumper. We suggest you to pick red plaid or black hoodie because it is the icon of grunge style.

2. All in Black

Grunge is very close to black color. Wearing black tee combined with black shorts and black boots is a good idea.

3. Beanie

Wearing beanie down to the street is what grunge people do anytime. Beanie represents something rebellious like what people on the street wear to protect their heads at night when they have to sleep nearby the street.

4. Boots

Grunge street style never leaves boots. Boots is very iconic especially those which have shoe lace on it. Mostly, grunge people love to wear black or maroon boots. We suggest you not to wear brown colored boots. They will make you look like a hooded cowboy rather than a grunge girl on the street.

5. Big Size Jacket or Shirt

Big size jacket or shirt is fashion item you should have to look extra grunge on the street. Sporty jacket can be a good choice to pick. You can wear it or tie the sleeves on your hips.

6. Middle Leg-Length Skirt

As a grunge girl, you cannot leave a style which is very unique. You can wear middle leg-length skirt combined with boots and jacket.

Grunge street style is very interesting to adopt. You will look very chic but rebellious in grunge fashion items. If you want to go deeper with grunge influence on your fashion style, you can see what grunge people and fashion bloggers do with grunge styles. Mixing and matching some fashion items from your closet is a good thing to do. By the way, do not forget to dress your hair. How you dress you hair really matters for grunge fashion style.

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