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Spring Summer 2013 Collections. Fashion is trend that always grows and develops in each time. It is more or less like a life cycle. A trend can be very outstanding in this time but it may fade away in other time because of being replaced by another trend. In order to help you preparing your fashion trend for the upcoming 2013, here we give you the fashion references for Spring Summer 2013.

Discovered from New York Fashion Week there are five types of dateless outfits which appear as the new fashion trend for the upcoming Spring Summer 2013. Here they are.

Peplum Skirts

Peplum skirts have been popular in the middle of 2012. This type of skirt actually was very famous so many years ago. Therefore, it is known as dateless fashion trend. Well, the shape of peplum skirt is so unique. It brings classic feminine shade and tinier waist look. Further, this type of skirt is very catchy and flexible. It can be used for any occasions. Pierre Balmain and Vera Wang are two famous designers who use peplum style for some of their outfit designs.

Narrow Trousers

Instead of skirts, Spring Summer 2013 also offers narrow trousers as one of the dateless fashion trends. Narrow trousers are claimed as a very classic wardrobe. Many designers such as Escada, Erin Fetherston, Pierre Balmain have designed some models for narrow trousers with classic touch.

Cropped Jackets

Cropped jackets will work well as trend fashion for 2013. It will be great to be matched with high waist trousers, skirts, and also full skirts. Besides, it can also be combined with t-shirt. Cropped jackets will bring outstanding boyish look.

Full Skirts

According to the name, full skirts are type of skirts which will bring flattering shades and effects for body. It mostly has full motifs and covers almost all of the bottom side of body. Types of full skirts which will be very trendy in 2013 are those which are full of line motifs and animal prints. Those skirts are very easy to be matched with simple tank top or cropped jacket.

Color Blocking Fashion

The appearance of color blocking or contrast colors combination in fashion means a lot to the development of a trend. For example neon orange combined with electric blue. Those color combination provides color blocking for the outfits. This type of color will be very popular following its last popularity in the end of 2012 fall season.

Spring Summer 2013 will be the greatest opportunity to explore many kinds of dateless fashion trend. Make sure that you have those mentioned dateless collections then you will be ready to welcome 2013 fashion trends.

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