Skinny Jeans, Fashion that Never Dies

October 22, 2013Posted by berthain Fashion Ideas

Skinny Jeans, Fashion that Never Dies.
Some of you may be like in wearing skinny jeans because its comfort and simple style, but do you know that this kind of your favorite jeans actually has been existed since many years ago?

Skinny jeans have become the very popular wearing for any generations, from kids up to adults, from ordinary people until the superstar. It means one thing to us that the skinny jeans are a kind of fashion that never dies. It has been existed since many years ago, and nowadays it still becomes favorite wearing for people.

There are many reasons that make skinny jeans become favorite, one of which is because it is so comfortable but simple as well. People like to wear skinny jeans because it feels so comfortable to be worn as a daily wearing. Besides, it is so simple but multi functions. It means that skinny jeans can be combined with any kind of upper wear such as t-shirt, blouse, jacket and other upper wearing.

This skinny jean also can be used for any kind of situations, you can wear it to go to campus, to hang out with friends, and even to go to some formal places. Therefore, those reasons make skinny jeans to be a fashion that never dies.

Skinny jeans have ever been popular since the era of The Ramones in 70s. They wore this kind of denim in their concert and other activities. Many of such bands wore skinny jeans at that era, that is why skinny jeans popular in 70s. Then, some years after, the skinny jeans have disappeared.

However, it is not too long to see that skinny jeans become hits again. Many people like to wear this kind of jean because it is flexible but simple. As we can see now that in these recent years skinny jeans have became the most favorite under clothes from ordinary people on the street up to superstars and favorite artists on TV.


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