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Popular Trendy Women Short Black Haircut. Short black haircuts had been recently more and more popular among stylist women. If you do not believe this fact, have a look at Hollywood celebrities such as Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, Halle Berry, etc. Don’t they look stunning with their short black haircuts? Dark hair has always been a trend that often moves in and out but at the time it seems to be something for the trendsetter women.

Sometimes, we need to cut our hair short caused of reducing damaged hair therapy. Moreover, there are some benefits to have short haircuts. We will save our time and money to manage the hair style and control it to hair salon. Short haircut make us looked fresh and young, even we do not need to comb to make it good looking. We don’t need to keep maintain hair treatment such as to straighten it. Short black haircuts are really sassy and sporty.

There are some types of short black haircuts you can apply on your beautiful hair. The most important thing is you need to match it with your face shape. Correct haircuts for your round face, for example, will make you so stunning and skinnier. Here are some of the types of short black haircuts, check it out!

Short Black Haircuts: Short Layer

This haircut is matched with all kind of face shape. It can add volume your hair by layering cut even if your hair is too short like a pixie. It is good for you who want to grow up your hair from short to be long.

Short Black Haircuts: Bob

Here comes the most popular short black haircuts style! This is perfect choice for curly, wavy, or straight haircuts types. Curly hair would be good if applying graduate bob style, straight hair can try out the asymmetrical bob hairstyle. Bob haircuts style has many varieties for you to choose. It never goes out of style!

Short Black Haircuts: Pixie

For you who have round face and straight hair, this one is the most right choice. The layers in this hairstyle will add volume to the crown and make your face look elongated. This haircuts style is also quite easy to maintain. The hair at the back is short cut while on the side is comparatively longer. What a beautiful you are!

Short Black Haircuts: Spiky

This is sophisticated haircuts! The back and side of your hair will cut to be very short and on the top of your hair will be some three to four inches or even longer. You can add some gels to make it stick up and spray hairspray to have a complete spiky look! Rock the work ladies!

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