Polka Dot Dress for All Ages

November 9, 2012Posted by berthain Fashion Ideas

Polka Dot Dress for All Ages. Everyone who loves fashion will always love to have polka dot dress. This typical of dress is really suitable for all women in all ages. This is one of the popular patterns that are proper for everyone. You can always choose to get this dress and have several adjustments for best performance.

As teenagers, try to get combination of colors and mix and match based on what you want. In this period of age, there is no limitation to stop what they want. For special event, every teenager can take combination of accessories. Have glitter necklace or put other accessories can be the right choice to attract people attention. For women in age of 30s, they can combine polka dot pattern with natural color. For example, to get the combination of polka dot with black skirt can give formal and chic look. This will be suitable for office daily dress. Always remember not too have big pattern of polka dot when you have big body. Try to get polka dot pattern in small print with right proportion.

Women with age of 40s can have polka dot dress and show off their charming performance. Always remember not to get combination of polka dot pattern from head to toe. To get full polka dot pattern can turn you into clown. This is because your performance will look heavy and clumsy. Try to get polka dot pattern in bold bright color. This thing will be perfect to accentuate your mature sense. When you need accessories you can get scarf with polka dot pattern. Choose scarf in the same tone color that matches with your skirt.

Black and white can be everyone’s choice for their office dresses with polka dot pattern. For polka dot accent, you can try to have polka dot dress and get blazer as your outer. For your bag, try to get handbag in the same style. For evening party, you just need to put off your blazer and get your dress for the party.

When you love different look, to get combination of high-heel shoes can be every woman’s choice. You can also get other accessories such as pearl earring and belt to complete your look. When you want to get casual look, combine your dress with flat shoes. For maternity women, to get typical of this dress can also be their option. Make sure you choose fabric with bigger size and elastic, so you can wear it for longer period during your pregnancy. Choose complicated polka dot pattern when you are someone with sophisticated sense.

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