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Next Hairstyle Trend in 2013. If several months ago ombre hair dominated the trends, then this year ombre hairstyle will already left behind. Crayon colored braids will be the next hairstyle trend in 2013. The colors that they used in colored braids hairstyle are similar with the colors that people used to make ombre hair.

You can choose bright colors such as pink, purple, green or blue to make your appearance looks unique and gorgeous with this hairstyle. The process to make this hairstyle is quite difficult. You need to go to professional hair stylists if you want to get the best result for this hairstyle. Besides difficult and complicated, it may also take a long time to finish the coloring process. That is why the price of crayon colored braids is quite expensive if you compare it to the other hairstyles.

Crayon Colored HairPurple Blonde Crayon Hair

Braided hairstyle will perfectly match with the fashion trends these days, which is focusing on vintage and preppy looks. Besides that, this hairstyle is very easy to do and has various combinations that will make you looks beautiful every day. You can pick French braids, waterfall braids, fishtails and the other braided styles that you like.

Pink Blond Hair Color

Crayon braided hairstyle is also perfect to accompany you attending various occasions. You can attend formal, semi-formal or just casual occasions with this hairstyle. It is only depends on how you style your braided hair. One important thing that you need to remember, you are not only need to match your braided style with the occasions, but you also need to match it with your outfit. If you want to play save, it would much better if you just pick simple black dress. But if you want to looks extraordinary and unique, you can pick dress in bright colors that will still perfectly match with your hair color.

Unique Pink Crayon Colored Hair

In some countries, this hairstyle might not allowed or not commonly use by the people. The bright and the unique colors that make your hair pop-up among anyone else will definitely steal the attention. And some people might talk behind you and think that you look weird with crayon braided hairstyle. But as long as you are confidence enough to style your hair with this hairstyle, it is not a big problem. You can create a new trend among the society in your country and prove that you can use your own creativity to make you looks different and also gorgeous.


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