Must-Have Layering Fashion for Women

October 7, 2013Posted by berthain Fashion Ideas, Women Clothing

Must-Have Layering Fashion for Women. – Fashion is very important for women. Women will feel so bad when they don’t look fashionable. It is not easy to look fashionable. You must know what you must have and wear in all events. Each of events or occasions will need different dress too.

When we talk about fashion, you must know about layer pieces fashion that are essential for you. The layer will make you look stylish in all places. You can also wear the layer pieces for coldest and cold weather season.

First you need to have skinny jeans. It is so important for you to have skinny jeans because skinny jean can make you look stylish with all tops.

You can choose black of dark blue for the skinny jeans so you will look slimmer and you can choose various types of tops. You can wear skinny jeans with shirt and also leather jackets. You must wear ballet flats to make your appearance looks perfect.

Second, you can copy style from Kristen Stewart. Kristen Stewart wears crewneck cashmere sweater with blue oxford combination. You can wear cashmere sweater with shorts or you can use leather pants too. The combination will make you look perfect in all places.

Third, you can also look pretty with thing and long sleeve T-shirt. Beyonce wears this thin and long sleeve T-shirt and she looks very pretty. You can copy her style and you add chunky sweater too when the temperature goes low.

The last one that you must have is chambray button down. Emma stone shows you how to wear chambray button down. It makes she looks pretty and you can wear flat shows and skinny jeans to make your appearance special in all places. You still can find some other layer pieces ideas that you must have in some sites now.


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