Make Sure to Keep your Argyle Sweater

January 28, 2013Posted by berthain Fashion Ideas

Make Sure to Keep your Argyle Sweater. Do you have argyle sweater in your cupboard? Do not try to throw them away because your sweater still looks pretty in this season.  When we are talking about this sweater, we are talking about sweater with argyle design.

Usually you will find rectangular or square shapes are main design for this jacket. Usually the pictures in this sweater perform in plan or askew checkers. This is what we call with argyle motives. This sweater is always become part of fashion map. It’s never entirely gone from fashion world In the beginning this sweater was popular in 1950s and also 1980s. In 1990s, a lot of people start to move from this sweater. In the 20th centuries, this sweater starts to get back to the fashion map.

There are a lot of materials constructed this sweater. The main material for this sweater is downy. People are using downy because they can handle the cold weather. Nowadays, you can find the argyle sweater made of downy with combination of cotton.

You can also find combination of downy with synthetic strands. The main principles of this sweater are all thick. All men and women can have this for their daily attire. Men can try to have this sweater and combining it with busted shirt. Women can also have this sweater for their daily. A lot of women have this sweater for formal occasion. Women can have types of this sweater based on their sense of fashion. They can have lighter and even breezier sweater without undershirt. Because of the weight is getting thinner, a lot of people think that this sweater can be tucked. This is a wrong perception because your sweater is not designed to be tucked.

There are a lot of things that you can do with your sweater. You can pulled it over your head, have zipped model, and even have the fastened model. When you are fastened the sweater, you can pointed your sweater. Nowadays sleeveless model is one of popular models in marketplace. The sweater turns into a fashionable vest for everyone. When you are someone who loves the precious stone, you can find argyle sweater with precious stone decoration. You will see the precious stone located on the core of your sweater. There are no boundaries of color combinations for this sweater. You can find a lot of blending colors for this sweater. Make sure you take one that will represent your style.

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