How to Wear Motorcycle Jacket Together with Dress

November 14, 2013Posted by berthain Fashion Ideas

How to Wear Motorcycle Jacket Together with Dress. Motorcycle jacket is a clothing item that is not only suitable to be worn when you ride a motorcycle right now. The fact is that it already becomes a fashionable item for women too right now.

If you are riding your motorcycle, this jacket is perfect to be worn together with pants and some other clothing items that will make you feel comfortable in riding you bike, right now the jacket can be worn together with many other fashion items, including also dress. Combining this jacket with a dress is an awesome idea that can make you look fascinating as long as you know about how to combine all of those items together properly.

The first thing that you have to pay attention to when you are about to wear motorcycle jacket with a dress is no other else but the type of the jacket as well as the dress.

For the jacket, it is surely best for you to choose the one that has body fit design. For the dress, you have to keep in mind that the best design of dress that can make you look perfect if you wear it together with the dress is dress which length is knee-length at the most. Wearing a dress that is longer than this will not make you look great in this case.

Another suggestion that you can follow when you want to try a new look by combining a motorcycle jacket with a short dress is by choosing black color for the jacket and any color for the dress. Black color is chosen for the jacket because it will make the jacket to look neutral and is possible to be combined with any dress color perfectly. Other than that, you can simply use the jacket over and over again with different dresses without making you look boring.


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