How to Look Extraordinarily Chic with Polkadot

September 30, 2013Posted by berthain Fashion Ideas

How to Look Extraordinarily Chic with Polkadot. Following the trend of patterned fashion, Polkadot is now becoming the new plaid. Polkadot pants, shirts, skirts, and dress are now in trend. However, some people may get worried about how to look good wearing Polkadot since the dot patterns somehow are not going well in many styles. It should not be your excuse to miss the moment of going chic with Polkadot. Here we provide some tips and styles how to look stunning with Polkadot.  

Polkadot Fashion Tips : Select the Dots

The most essential thing you should consider is the pattern selection. You should match the pattern with your body type and the moment when you are going to wear your Polkadot fashion. Small dots will match perfectly to those who have big size body. It will make you look very stunning. Besides, small dots will go chic for formal occasion. It represents sweet personality of both young and adult woman.

Polkadot Fashion Tips : Select the Colors

Colors really matter for Polkadot fashion. It is because Polkadot is just simply monotone pattern. Thus, selecting appropriate color is very required. White dots appearing in solid color backgrounds are absolutely vintage trend. Meanwhile, colored dots appearing in light colors, such as white, pastel pink, cream, and baby yellow will appear so lively. You can refer to the occasion when you will wear the fashion to decide the colors.

Polkadot Fashion Tips : Select the Combinations

Wearing Polkadot as fashion signature requires proper combinations. The most basic rule of wearing Polkadot is avoiding wearing other patterned outfits. You cannot wear Polkadot shirt along with plaid trousers, unless you will ruin the whole day of yours. Polkadot outfits are much more matched to plain outfits. You can just play with the colors not the patterns.

Going around with Polkadot will make you extraordinarily chic. You can follow vintage fashion trend for more references in mixing and matching Polkadot fashion. Believe us, Polkadot is never boring. It always presents new surprise in fashion. Moreover, it is a timeless fashion trend you should have in your wardrobe.


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