Get Floral Colors and Maroon as Part of your Fashion Items

January 24, 2013Posted by berthain Fashion Ideas

Get Floral Colors and Maroon as Part of your Fashion Items.

New Year is the right time for you to get new look. There are a lot of people try to change their look to get different look in 2013. When you need to bold your style, combination of floral colors and maroon can be your choice for 2013. Those combinations of colors can complete each other and make your outlook look fresh and chic at the same time. Make sure you have those combinations for your fashion items in 2013.

Well, let us discuss floral colors and also maroon first. A lot of people say that floral is the right pattern for every season. Well, we have to say that this statement is right. You can always have floral colors from winter and fall and also for summer and spring. For winter and fall, usually floral colors come in darker tone. Usually they are coming in bolder color with darker grounding that other seasons.

We can always see that there are a lot of designers put floral colors in darker tone for men and women designs. Besides that, there are a lot of people are also wearing these colors daily. In this season, you can try to have floral colors for several items. Make sure you have a pair of floral bags or floral heels in your wardrobe. Make sure you have it to complete your outlook in this season.

A lot of popular brands launch their brands with floral colors. You can see popular brands such as Burberry, Dolce and Gabbana, and also Erdem launch a lot of products in floral colors. When those popular brands put floral colors as part of their fashion products, you just need to follow it to stay update with the trends. We can see that floral colors need to combine with other color or pattern. Having floral colors and maroon can be your choice for 2013.

We all already knew that there are several colors that usually called as the new black. The new black means specific colors that will look great to combine with other fashion items in current time. Role of model is always developed and also the new black color. For 2013, we can say that maroon is one of the new black that should be your choice. We can see that this color has become one of popular colors for everyone. Why we can say something like that? This is because there are a lot of fashion items are using maroon color as their basic tone. We can find maroon in dresses, coats, suits, and also outwear.

Try to get only maroon color for all of your fashion items. Choose maroon as focal point for your attire. To complete your outlook, definitely you can try to have grasp handbag. Grasp handbag is one of must have items for 2013. Try to get orange, pink, or red color for your grasp handbag. We all already knew that it will look boring when we are only take one focal color for our attire. For that reason, combining floral color and maroon can create perfect look for you.

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