Fashion Style for Skinny Body Type

October 29, 2013Posted by berthain Fashion Ideas

Fashion Style for Skinny Body TypeEvery people have their own body shape. Remember that you should dress up according your body type.

In order to get attractive and confident style, you must know what you must choose for your body type. I will tell you several tips fashion style for skinny body type. Skinny body type can be also defined as ecromorphic.

The characteristics of skinny body shape are long limbs, small shoulders, a flat chest, and average height. A flat body type is always easier to be dress up than big body type. The reason is clothes would hang better on slim and slender body.

Having slim body also has another benefit. Most of trendy clothing is made for slim size. Of course you can find trendy cloths easily for your body. In addition, if you like high end apparel, you can find easily your clothe size since slender size often available in store.

First rule for dressing up is always wear fit cloths. No matter what body type that you have, proper fitting clothes are important. Fit cloth is a must for well dressed gentle man. If you have skinny body type, don’t even try to hide it. Some people who have slender body try to cover their slim body by wearing oversize cloths.

In fact, wearing oversize cloths for skinny body can decrease your appearance. Don’t try to hide your skinny body. In fact you should expose your body naturally. Try to find cloths that have slim fit design. It is dedicated for those who have slim body. If you want to get thicker appearance, you should not wear oversize clothing. Choose cloths that are slight bigger than your body but isn’t oversize. You can choose bigger clothes as long as the shoulder size is same. Don’t be embarrassed because you have skinny body. Instead you should be confident and use proper fitting cloths.

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