Fabulous Touch of Designers in Milan Fashion Week

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Fabulous Touch of Designers in Milan Fashion Week. As one of the trend setters in fashion, Italy always brings new provoking thoughts yet making serious efforts in keeping special touches from high class designers stay inspiring.

Along with France, these two countries maintain healthy rivalries thru real work. Work from the master that does not only put forward craftsmanship but also reflection of cultural heritage. Techniques will remain raw skills without the sensitivity of connecting it with social and historical contexts. Mass production of wearable lines has put aside the meaning of true arts where human touch cannot be replaced by machines. This is the message that Italian designers wish to speak.

All those concerns and challenges were obviously reflected thru the works of Roberto Cavalli and Ermanno Scervino in Milan Fashion Week. It seems that the time for real expertise has come. Scervino highlighted the fact that what he brought up was something that he knew back home in Florence. The uniqueness of cultural and technical elements of Florence has shown the true art that cannot be found elsewhere. The tone of the show was dedicated to Florence, a historical city in Italy where Gucci and Salvatore Ferragamo are known for their outstanding designs.

Previously attracted to play with animal prints, the Italian designers stated that floral features have triggered the concept behind the design. The inspiration came from a painting by Caravaggio years ago in sixteenth century.

The magnificent craftsmanship was reflected thru the integration of wool covers in gray nuance on the waist. The texture and feature of this piece really brings sophistication yet elegance at the same time. This is what was meant by a true art work and fashion world just needs more of these. The concern upon decreasing skills and attentions toward such techniques and art combination has also been cited by these world class designers. What we learn from Milan Fashion Week may raise more and more fashion designers who put forward masterpiece quality above trends.

Skills and expertise are two qualities that can be found both in Italy and France. However, the world needs more of these talents apart from the fact that the compass for true artistic mark for fashion designs still points to these regions. Other parts of the world, too, should be encouraged to bring up their magnificent influence to upgrade the levels of appreciation towards fashion. It is expected that in the future, the legacy of design does not lay only on big names but true prints of what social context and skills can be more represented and spoken.

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