Dare to Wear Fluorescent Fashion

June 30, 2013Posted by berthain Fashion Ideas

Dare to Wear Fluorescent Fashion. Neon or fluorescent colored fashions are very happening nowadays. Some fashion designers are successfully working on it. This fashion trend really hits the sunny summer in 2013 with abundant amazing colors and contrasts.

This fashion trend is still going on recently since the summer has not over yet. Actually, not everybody dare to wear fluorescent fashion in daily. They think it is too bold and bright to wear such fashion in neon color in daylight. In fact, fluorescent collections always become great fashion to wear even in sunny day.

How to Perfectly Wear Fluorescent Fashion

Wearing neon or fluorescent colored fashion is not as easy as wearing other daily fashions. You need to be careful on mixing and matching the color, motif, and style. Mostly, fluorescent colored fashion appears in such unique motives and styles. You should notice what you need to do and consider before you intend to wear fluorescent fashion. Firstly, you should know when you will wear your fluorescent colored fashion.

Neon colored fashion appear in various styles and types such as dresses, tops, shoes, sandals, accessories, bags, skirts, shorts, and trousers. If you intend to wear something bright in daylight you can choose to wear fluorescent dress combined with neutral colored shoes. The neutral colored shoes or sandals are aimed to reduce the high intensity brightness you set by wearing fluorescent dress in daylight.

However, to hit the color combination, you can choose neon colored accessories which have contrast colors with your dress and sandals. Second, you should consider where you want to wear your fluorescent colored fashion. Actually, neon or fluorescent colored fashion can be worn anywhere.

You can wear it to work or just for casual outfit. The key to successfully wearing the fluorescent fashion is mixing it with neutral color like black or white. For example you want to wear neon colored top to work. Then, it will be perfect if you combine it with black or white blazer and skirt or loose trousers. You will look more elegant but bold and catchy. Thirdly, you need to consider the how the neon colored fashion matches to your skin tone. You know, neon colored fashion is very bold and bright. Thus, you need to consider the right color which matches to your skin tone.

People with dark skin tone are very perfect wearing bright fluorescent colored fashion. On the other hand, those who have pale skin tone need to select darker neon colors such as green, orange, or electric pink.

Fluorescent colored fashion always brings great influence in the development of fashion nowadays. The bright and bold neon color represents the modernity and bravery. Besides, fluorescent fashion also brings new fashion movements towards people currently.


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