Dangerously Hipster Trends by Men Legging

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Dangerously Hipster Trends by Men Legging.
Who says that legging is only the domination pants for women? Man legging is now becoming the trendsetter along as the winter fashion session in New York. Yes, fashion is such always been like a circle from year to year. If we looked back to the past trends such displayed on many Hollywood movies, especially the films taken setting in the late 18th century kingdom, the man character usually used legging as their formal costume properties.

They combined it with short pants or long coat to cover until their knees. The colors of legging were also stunning. Nowadays, the trend has come back. There are many increasing amount of men using tight legging for the sake of fashion. Some famous fashion labels such as Barneys and Nordstron claimed that some men celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Adam Lambert, Lenny Kravits, and Pete Dougherty are spotted wearing legging.

God-awful Men’s Trends Avert your eyes before it’s too lateWell, that is what happens in fashion city, New York. Then, how about another place? Others fashion cities like London, Milan, or Paris has also started to get shoot by this trends. In a few fashion week, men model perform their sexy leg by using legging. The legging has a very variation of colors to mix and match with some other outfit. Basically, we know that people will use legging for such informal occasion. They prefer more on fashion. Now, this stereotype has changed.

Adam Lambert, the soloist singer of Hollywood, spotted by paparazzi that he wears legging in Grammy Award ceremonial dinner which is formal occasion! Is that weird? Definitely no, in other hand he looks so stunning! The combination of black tight legging and khaki boots with upper metal black jacket and white t-shirt make him so awesome. This is the turn over point for next men celebrities to show off their sexy leg in another formal occasion such as dinner, ceremony, or private party.

Hipster fashion : Meggings

Meggings, Urban Outfitters

Meggings - leggings for men

Designers put male models in legging for a considerable length of time instead of many people say as “hot and comfortable”. Some opinions had grown up like “where you put your wallet”, or “don’t you feel it hurts your leg with that tight”? That’s why some designer has attempted to modify the legging by designing pocket on the back side for wallet. Do you satisfy with that creation? If you are men, do you want to follow that fashion of legging (megging) to be such fashion follower? Raise your hand gentleman!

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