Checkered it Up, Turn it Up!

December 6, 2012Posted by berthain Fashion Ideas

Checkered it Up, Turn it Up! Among some timeless style, checkered make its own way to survive. Simple, stylish and ever-stylish characteristic of plaid outfit are some of the strong points of this style. No wonder, people keep wearing this style in their own way to save their style, without putting too much effort.

Okay, among the youngster and the trendy, checkered is indeed a must-have item. Well, of course. But do you know that the best way to put this item into your wardrobe is to look at the item from 2009/2020 season? They are simply the classic and the basic, that’s why they are attractive. Well, enough for these random babbling of mine. Let’s scroll some ideas in the web to see which ideas attract you the most.

Red and black plaid! How classic! The combination of this item with black skinny jeans and brown cream coat is an effortless way to keep your style on fire. Black platform and some accessories will do to make your look flawless. A perfect outfit for cold fall season, indeed.

This casual style is just perfect for you who want to go through the day without too much attention, without losing your style. Checkered shirt combined with torn black skinny jeans are epic! Some wooden beady necklaces, small round bangles and geeky black glasses work in their own way to keep your style on fire.

Look for something as simple as the ideas above, but with more attention-stealing points? Take a peek on the picture above. It is a simple combination of white tee and black hot pants, all completed with plaid outer wear. Geeky glass and transparent legging with some detail on the thigh make it more attractive.

Now that you have looked at some ideas to pull out checkered nicely, we have to discuss some DON’T’S when wearing checkered outfits.

1. Don’t Overdo

Wearing head-to-toe checkered outfit make you look silly. One or two checkered items will be enough. Too much checkered pattern makes people looking at you dizzy. Keep it simple and tasteful, beauties!

2. Don’t Look Down on Checkered Accessories

Checkered shirts, skirts and pants are applicable, so do checkered shoes, bags and other accessories. To pull out a stylish a checkered style, take advantage of them

3. Never wear checkered or plaid shirts with checkered ties

It is a dead end for you if you do it. It is as shameful as wearing head-to-toe checkered outfits. Remember, keep it calm and wear it with solid colors.


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