Brace Yourself, Plaid Fashion Is Back!

July 2, 2013Posted by berthain Fashion Ideas

Brace Yourself, Plaid Fashion Is Back! The spoilers for fall fashion trend 2013 have been revealed. There are various fashion styles that are expected to become new viral trend for fall 2013. One of the styles which grab much attention is the return of plaid fashion style. You know that plaid or classy checkered fashion style is very popular several years ago. Nowadays, it is renewed for fall fashion trend 2013 which has more concern on the warm and nude colors.


Plaid Fashion Styles for Fall 2013

Obviously, for this fall, there are plenty styles and designs which involve plaid motives. The plaid motives are available in various sizes and tendencies. The first plaid style for fall 2013 is the classy plaid. The classy plaid here is pointed to the plaid style like what is iconic in Scotland and Great Britain.

The combination of red, green, and black color creates delicious style for fall. Mostly, this type of plaid style is expected to be ready for winter as well. The second plaid style is black and white plaid. Black and white plaid with small and crowded motives is very great to wear in this autumn. This motif and style represent the warm and classy fall season in 2013. Sometimes, the black and white plaid is combined with nude grey to create new taste of windy autumn.

For your information, there are some great world designers who are working on the black and white plaid style for this fall. One of them is Karen Walker as seen in the New York Fashion Week Fall 2013 Street Style. The third plaid fashion style comes in the combination of bold and contrastive colors like what Marc Jacobs shows in his fall collections. In his fall collections for 2013, Jacobs prefers to combine bold color such as dark navy blue with bright orange and plain white.

This combination results amazing plaid style which is very remarkable. The fourth plaid style is designed for feminine look to bring new spark to the nude and grayish fall season. The feminine touch appears in the selection of color combination for the plaid style such as yellow combined with brown or blue and pink combined with black and white.

The next plaid style must be nude and vintage plaid. Nude color like cream, light brown, broken white and pastel pink create great and amazing plaid fashion style for fall 2013. The nude color combinations really bring the taste of fall season when the leaves are getting reddish and brownish in the end of the day. Those nude colors will work well with sunlight in autumn season.

The New York Fashion Week Fall 2013 Street Style can be a great reference for those who want to be fashionable in fall season this year. The biggest collections for fall season will focus on the return of plaid style. The warm, nude, and bold color combinations which create plaid fashion style for fall 2013 will bring great influence for the next seasons.


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