Best Fashion for Men to Date Women

October 13, 2013Posted by berthain Fashion Ideas

Best Fashion for Men to Date Women. Fashion is not only for women. Men need to care of their fashion too. Men who care with their fashion will not look feminine but they will look fashionable.

Some men usually will feel confused to choose best clothes when they will meet special women. They must know best clothes or fashion to date women and you can attract your women. Here are some tips that you can do to attract your women with your fashion.

   First you need to wear fashion that fit with your body. You should be careful in choosing best clothes. Clothes that fit will be able to attract your women. You need to choose clothes that will make you feel comfortable too. It is bad to always think of your clothes when you are with your woman because it will make your woman feels so bad.

Second, when you need to add accessory, please make sure that you choose best accessory. You need to be wise in choosing accessory and wearing the accessory.

The accessory should not be too much. You can choose cool accessory that will make you look masculine. It is good to you to wear accessory with story. When your special friend asks about the accessory then you can explain about it.

Third, you need to look all things in detail. You never know what will happen when you date with your special friend. That is why you must be total and look at the detail. When you wear shoes, please make sure that you wear sock too. It will prevent all bad things. You need to choose neutral sock color such as black, white or brown. You should avoid pink sock or flower pattern sock.

When you know how to dress before you go for special date, you will be able to attract your woman and make her as your girlfriend.


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