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Autumn has come. It is the time for you to remove all the summer wears. You should not wear the flower pattern dress anymore as well as the sundress, flip flop, and sunglasses. Now, you should consider another trend for the next season.

First, it is important for you to consider the color. Yes, it is true that color will definitely play role in the whole appearance of your fashion style. If you can really pay attention to this matter as proper as possible, it is really likely that your appearance will be a lot much more dazzling. To impress the other people is the next thing that you can earn later on.

Due to the fact that summer has gone, you should consider using the neutral or darker color as the autumn style 2012. Grey can be the best choice as well as blue and black. You can also combine two colors all at once. For example, there are many designers that use the shading of navy blue and black at the same time. For the style, you can get the style of DKNY.

Well, perhaps, some of you might have not been really familiar with this kind of style. It is the combination of black turtleneck as the first layer and oversized sweater as the outer layer in navy blue. For the bottoms, you can wear black legging as the first layer covered by silky skirt, also in navy blue. Ankle boot may be the best footwear for this combination.

Ombre style from Flora Gill and Alexa Adams can also be the best example for the trendy style. It is the graphic ombre style dress that is combined with the scarf. For the dress, it is the stark palette and the scarf is navy blue. For Marc and Jacobs, the autumn style 2012 that will be the best is the velvet dress in black and blue combination. It is combined with the underskirt that is stiff in black.

For the warmer style, you can also wear the zipped up black coat that is completed with fur in the neck and chest part. You can also combine it with the skin tight jeans or even legging that is made of leather. If you want to stand out in the crowd, you can also wear burgundy, like the style of Peter Som. Zipped peplum dress in deep wine color will be the best wear in this autumn for you to wear.

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