Asymmetrical Dress to Look Stunning in Various Occasions You Attend

October 20, 2013Posted by berthain Fashion Ideas

Asymmetrical Dress to Look Stunning in Various Occasions You Attend. If you feel bored about the same styles of dress that you usually wear when attending certain occasions in your daily life, asymmetrical dress might be an option that you can start turn to right now.

Besides the fact that this dress is a trend now, there is something really special in it that cannot be found in this dress. This is no other else but the symmetrical feature that creates a certain type of beauty to whoever wears the dress. One fun fact that is related to this feature is the high level of confidence should exist in wearing this dress because of the unusual design.   

The special feature of asymmetrical dress that is mentioned previously can in fact be placed anywhere. Although it is so, you have to know that the most common asymmetrical feature of the dress is usually located in the bottom of the dress.

Other than this placement, there are some other placements for the asymmetrical feature too. Some of those placements are neck part and side part. For the color of this feature, it is not always made in the same color with the main color of the dress. Sometimes, this feature is made in different color in order to make the asymmetrical impression stronger.

Gaining some interest in this kind of asymmetrical dress, you should be careful in choosing the dress so that it will really look best on you. If you are not that tall for example, you should avoid the dress which asymmetrical feature is located in the bottom of the dress in which the back bottom is longer than the front one. This kind of dress will make you look shorter even if you already wear a pair of heels when wearing the dress. In other words, it can be said that this design of dress is more suitable for tall women instead of the short ones.

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