5 Important Tips for K-Pop Inspired Fashion Looks

January 15, 2014Posted by cyntiain Fashion Ideas

It’s not only the qualities of K-pop that are making waves far and wide. The K-pop inspired fashion looks picked by K-pop young lady groups both on stage and off, and even at the landing strip are motivating fashion decisions. Fans need to resemble their top pick stars. What’s more if there’s one thing that aggregates up the enchanting style of K-pop young lady groups its the saucy short skirts and shorts intended to show off long legs.

If that skirt is coy, worn over just as shortened shorts or perfectly embraces the hips, the style says, “Look at me. You won’t be disappointed.” You just need to see the 2ne1 music movie for “Falling in Love” to see CL and Bom rock the short summer skirt, however its a look that stretches out to all seasons. Toss a few tights under a short skirt and it works for a few seasons. Here are a few tips from Korean fashion stylists for K-pop inspired fashion:

1. Bare and brave:

K-pop inspired fashion

Leopard prints are huge in the not so distant future, so this basic spaghetti strap best on a flouncy panther print skirt is extraordinary for a night of moving in or might be worn under a coat or cardigan for daytime. Dress it up or dress it down. The blue-dark print makes it an impeccable fit with denim.

2. Camouflage that uncovers your best possessions:

K-pop inspired fashion Camouflage

This tease of a disguise dress leaves little to cover up yet it benefits as much as possible from one of this season’s most popular prints. Pair it with ribbon up boots and socks.

3. Shorts are an alternate approach to show off your long legs thus numerous big names are seen in them.

K-pop inspired fashion and style

Look at T-ara parts Soyeon and Ham Eunjung. They combined shorts and for agreeable then again appealing airstrip fashion that is primed for the inescapable snare by camera people.

4. Shorts that are not short on style:

K-pop inspired fashion ideas

That look may have inspired this look in which you conceal ash and dark disguise shorts. It looks out from under a crochet sweater in a delicate light black.

5. Denim that pleasures:

K-pop inspired fashion trends

Here’s a search that is all set for chillier days. It’s coquettish flouncy catch down denim skirt with a cunningly unwound edge worn with a wool bind down shirt and thinning dark tights. Ribbon up booties finish the look and keep it easy yet spellbinding.


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