The Emergence Of New Fashion Designers

March 30, 2015Posted by vanitain Fashion Icon

There are more skillful designers that we still don’t know their existence which is why we really need to pay attention to every movement of new fashion designers. It is true that there are many talented designers that have not been fully exposed by the media but their works are very good.

We sometimes get bored with all the fashion with the current famous designers hence we need to seek for something new. Something that is different from the current fashion that may have a chance to be the next trend in the global fashion. We need to step further ahead in knowing the best new fashion designers so that we are not only becoming followers of the current trend whereas we are also becoming the one who start a new trend by wearing the new kind of masterpiece in the fashion.

Marco De Vincenzo

There are actually many names that are much recommended to be one of the best new fashion designers. One of them is Marco De Vincenzo.

New Comer Fashion Designer Marco De Vincenzo

He is an Italian who has stolen attention with all his works. This young Italian man is predicted to be one of the rising stars in the fashion’s world where he signature design is the easy-to-wear neutrals with the elegant minimalism theme.  It has been stated that his inspiration is the Ionic Coloumns of The Ancient Olympia. Hence it is really worth to check his works out and we will understand why he is one of the best new fashion designers in this year.

Kira Plastinina

The next designer that is predicted to be one of the best new fashion designers in this era is Lublu Kira Plastinina or we may more similar with the name of Kira Plastinina.

Kira Plastinina New Name in Fashion Design

This Russian has girl has made it to the top with some of its widely known masterpieces which are the knee-length skirts and dresses. Her knee-length skirts and dresses have a very unique design with the main themes are girly and wild prints. It is being said that her biggest inspiration is fashion that comes from the 60s and 70s where the bright colors were the most famous colors at that time.

There actually many other names that are predicted to be a famous designer such as Rosie Assoulin, Ana Khouri, Danielle Corona, and many other names. All of those names are eligible to be crowned as the best new fashion designers in this year for all what they have done to the development of fashion’s business.


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