Amelia Earhart: One of the First Celebrity Designers

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Amelia Earhart was in actual fact completely attractive. She had a gorgeous smile, vivid blue eyes, rippled blonde hair as well as a model’s high and gracile body. With the assistance of a hair stylist, makeup artist as well as a new set of clothing of well made fabrics, she changed into a apotheosis of androgynous young girl – a bit similar with Katherine Hepburn, another trouser employer, gender deflexion beauty who also come about to seen on the TV as an aeronaut.

Subsequent Amelia Earhart successfully flight solo crosswise the Atlantic on May 20 – 21, 1931, a feat not coincidently executed on the 4th birthday of Charles Lindbergh’s historic flight, Ms. Earhart as well as her husband looking for ways to get more money for the aeronaut’s next journey while advertising her figure as a national hero. Then they brought into focus on the fashion.

At the moment, American designers worked in reconditions in the rear rooms of 7th Avenue, “like the kitchen help,” as Bills Blass once said. During the time that Parisian designers were well-known stars in the world — the names of LANVIN as well as CHANEL, PATOU also SCHIAPARELLI posted from the pages of HARPER’S BAZAAR as well as VOGUE also the women’s’ part of the countries’ newspapers – labels on even the highest end of American fashion comprised merely the names of the producers. So Amelia Earhart will be doing something avant garde at that time.

Ms. Amelia Earhart as well as her Mr. Putnam make sure the U.S. Rubber Company that her name would sold off. The AMELIA EARHART Fashion, subvention by the tire manufacture, revealed in 1934. The fabrics were available in peculiar AMELIA EARHART stores in one department store per town (such as in New York, MACY’S as well as in Chicago, Marshall Field’s). The label, stitched into each clothes, displayed the aeronaut’s signature in black with a thin red line hitting from end to end of it to a small red plane gliding in the right border.

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