Blazer Styles of African by Afriek

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Afriek is the composer of a couple of blazer styles of African which has a unique story which begins in Africa. This is the story about your own hand tailored blazer. Afriek blazer styles of African engage you with their creation, design and origin. Afriek creates an unique and personal blazer styles of African which are completed with hand tailoring and authentic African prints.

The story behind the blazer

Today, the stories behind all of the clothes or dresses that you wear are better left untold. Unlike these stories, these Afriek blazer styles of African are very proud to be revealed and you can also know their efforts to make your very own Afriek blazer styles of African. Afriek makes you realize of what you wear and where it came from, something that you do not have in Western fashion culture.

Afriek gathers a couple of genius with the best talent based on mutual respect and equality. This is very important because it affects not only the way they work with their tailors in Rwanda, but it also is inspired many people to purchase their products. Combining the Dutch design with the authentic of African print fabrics and the real craftsmanship of their tailors, Afriek offers the best of both worlds in their products.

Made in Kigali

All of the blazer styles of African by Afriek are made in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda. Kigali is called the land of a thousand hills. Kigali is also known for its sartorial culture spanning hundreds of years. Kigali is the place of an uncountable number of tailors. People in Rwanda love to wear custom-made clothes. They choose a fabric at the local market and they will discuss their favorite design with the tailor and they create a couple of unique masterpieces of fashion together. This personal tailoring will outcome in close contact between maker and owner.

High quality craftsmen

Afriek creates a couple of inspiring collection of hand tailoring blazer styles of African in cooperation with brilliant and talented craftsmen in Kigali. As matter of fact, it is only one tailor who creates an Afriek blazer, from the cutting of the fabric into the final touch of the lining. Making each and every blazer take a couple of hours of devoted handwork, leaving a unique masterpiece of the tailor every suit he makes. Every tailor is carefully chosen. The high quality and perfect blazers will be created from their commitment and attention to detail.




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